Phlebotomy Chair Vario

 Phlebotomy Chair Vario - Attractive and durable polished frame finish.

Phlebotomy Chair Vario - Upholstered in unique "anti-MRSA" Inno-X fabric.

Phlebotomy Chair Vario - Multi position for flexible use.

  • Designed for use in hospitals, clinics and health centres.

  • Multi-position interlinked back, seat and legrest for flexible treatment.

  • Fitted with one armrest as standard.

  • Armrest can be used either side.

  • Attractive and durable polished frame.

  • Design enables rapid head-tilting deployment to the Trendelenburg Position in the event of patient dizziness

  • Upholstered in unique "anti-MRSA" Inno-X fabric.

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